about sola sofa

sola sofa” is a brand created by Hong Kong based illustrator Cathy Hung. The word “sola” in the brand is inspired by the English word “solar”, which represents  sunshine and warmth, while “sofa” is a happy and relaxing place where friends come together and have fun.

In the world of “sola sofa“, lives a group of friends who love dreaming and passionate about life. They come together and share lots of happy moments, encouraging each other and realizing their dreams together. Through warm and sweet hand-painted illustrations, the Sola sofa hopes to spread the message of “spreading love and dreams”.

about Cathy Hung

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cathy Hung is the creative director of “sola sofa“. She has more than 18 years of design experience and now focuses on illustrations and design area. Cathy Hung mainly paints her illustrations in watercolour. She thinks watercolour drawing is emotion and expressiveness, it also give the artwork a relaxing and leisurely style. Through the illustration of “sola sofa“, Cathy hopes to draw artwork that makes people smile, and hopes more people can enjoy the joy of life and go for their dreams.